Admissions, Undergraduate-Medical Committee

The Admissions, Undergraduate-Medical Committee makes recommendations concerning admission policies,  regulations, and rules. The members of this committee serve in an advisory capacity by interpreting admission rules, regulations, and policies established by the Board of Govenors or the Senate, as well as, an appeals board for all challenges to the administration or application of admission rules and credit transfer regulations.

Committee Members

Name Title and Department/Center  Year Appointed
Tageldin Ahmed, M.D. Assistant Professor-Clinical, Pediatric Critical Care, (CHM) 2015
Richard Balon, M.D. Professor-Clinical, Dept of Psychiatry, (DMC) 1992
David Bouwman, M.D. Retired Professor, Surgery 2014
Jeff Clark, M.D. Associate Professor, Pediatric Critical Care, (CHM) 2012
William Crossland, Ph.D. Retired Associate Professor, Anatomy 2010
David Dindoffer Year 3 Student  
Donald Ditmars, M.D. Senior Staff Henry Ford Hospital, Plastic Surgery 2011
Basim Dubaybo, M.D. Associate Chair, Internal Medicine 2014
Joseph Dunbar, Ph.D. Vice President Research 1982
David Edelman, M.D. Assistant Professor, Surgery, (DMC) 2011
Hazem Eltahawy, M.D. Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery, (DMC) 2012
Julie Gleason-Comstock, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine 2012
Denise G.K. Gray, M.D. Assistant Professor, Radiology, (DMC) 2009
Mariam Hazem, M.D. Program Director, Academic Hospitalist Program, (DMC) 2013
Deborah Holland, M.S. Academic Advisor 2008
Avril Genene Holt, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology 2015
Eileen Hug, D.O. Associate Director of MedEd for UGME, (HFHS) 2012
Cheryl Kollin, M.A. Director, WSU University Advising Center 2014
Heidi Kromrei, Ph.D. Academic Director-GME 2010
Ashok Kumar, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology, Anatomy & Immun. 2015
Suhasini Macha, M.D. Assistant Professor, Pediatric Gastroenterology, (CHM) 2009
Mary Meinke, Year 3 Student  
Kwaku Nantwi, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Anatomy 2012
Gia Nava, M.D. Assistant Professor, Surgery, (DMC) 2015
Alvin Ni, Year 2 Student  
Pragnash Patel, M.D. Assistant Professor, Geriatrics, (DMC) 2014
David Pieper, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education 2015
Mo Shirur, Year 2 Student  
Kevin Sprague, M.D. Chair & Associate Dean, Admissions, (Oakwood) 2015
Nicole Stromberg, M.D. Psychiatrist, Designated Education Officer, (VA) 2014
Susmit Suvas, Ph.D Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology 2015
Jeffrey Taub, M.D. Professor, Pediatrics, Division Chief, Oncology (CHM) 2005
Jane Thomas, Ph.D Assistant Dean Emeritus, Student Affairs 2008