Graduate Affairs Committee

The Graduate Affairs Committee, on a continuous basis, reviews and appraises graduate educational policies, programs, and procedures.  This committee recommends establishment, continuation, modification, and termination of graduate courses and degree programs; and makes policy recommendations regarding the granting of graduate scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships. The committee consults with the Faculty Senate, Executive Committee and other related committees on those policies and procedures which jointly affect graduate and undergraduate education.

Committee members are Graduate Officers in their departments or graduate programs. The term of membership on this committee is determined by the assignment as Graduate Officer.

 Committee Members

Stanley R. Terlecky, Ph.D., Chair  
Associate Dean, Office of Biomedical Graduate Programs
Paul Walker, PhD
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Todd Leff, PhD
David Evans, PhD
Biochemistry and Moelculary Biology
Sokol Todi, PhD
JianJun Wang, PhD
Biochemistry and Moleculary Biology
Roy McCauley, PhD
Larry Matherly, PhD
Cancer Biology
Jay Burmeister, PhD
Medical Physics & Radiological Physics
George S. Brush, PhD
Cancer Biology
Greg Kapatos, PhD
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Angela Trepanier, MS
Genetics Counseling
Kimberly Campbell-Voytal, PhD
Family Medicine/Public Health Sciences
Thomas Holland, PhD
Immunology and Microbiology
Doug Yingst, PhD
T. R. Reddy, PhD
Immunology and Microbiology
Jeff Stanley, PhD
Translational Neurosciences
Daniel Walz, PhD
Associate Dean of Research