Promotions Committee, Students

The Promotions Committee for Students is the WSU SOM's decision-making body in accordance with established guidelines. The committee is charged with monitoring students' progress and performance through the curriculum.  The committee regularly reviews each student's performance and makes recommendations to the WSU SOM Dean on such actions as graduation, promotion, remediation, dismissal, and leaves of absence.
2014 - 2016 Promotions (Student) Committee 
Richard Baker, M.D., Chairperson
Vice Dean of Medical Education
Staff Support :  Vickie Muhammad
Department Chairs    Department   Term Ending
Dr. Christopher Steffes Graduate Programs 4/18
Dr. Jian-Pin Jin Physiology 4/18
Dr. Wael Sakr Pathology 4/18
Dr. Mark Juzych Ophthalmomogy 4/18


Faculty Members         Department   Term Ending
Dr. Eva Waineo Psychiatry  4/19
Dr. Eileen Hug      Pediatrics (Henry Ford)  4/19
Dr. Rodney Braun Anatomy   4/19
Dr. Mark Ireland Anatomy and Cell Biology  4/19
Dr. Vishwanath Sardesai (Alternate) Surgery 4/19


Students Title/Position
Mr. Brian Sullivan Year 2 (Rep)
Mr. David Seck Year 2 (Rep)
Ms. Hajra Khan Year 3 (Rep)
Ms Linnea Xuereb Year 3 (Alternate)
Mr. Adam Sawyer Year 4 (Rep)
Mr. Mohamad Salim Year 4 (Alternate)


Ex-officio Members without vote    Department
Dr. Patrick Bridge   Academic & Student Programs (Basic Science)
Dr. Lisa Maclean       Student Affairs
Dr. Matt Jackson Academic & Student Programs (Basic Science)
Ms. JaEsta Jones Records and Registration
Dr. Kendra Schwartz Academic & Student Programs (Basic Science)


Attendees      Title/Position
Ms. Kate Connors   Year 2 Counselor (Class of 2016 & 2019)
Ms. Loretta Robichaud         Year 4 Counselor (Class 2017)
Dr. Michael Webber Year 3 Counselor (Classes of 2018)
Dr. Jason Booza Director of Assessment